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All Serial Killers Dot Com

Since the beginning of civilization there have always been been people missing a few too many brain cells, and become a parasite to society. Feeding on the pain and misery of innocent human prey. The mind of a psycho can be a fascinating yet horrifying thing. Below are links to profiles and movies of some of the most famous killers in history. Disturbing as they may be in order for you to still be here you must be intrigued, so continue your trip into the twisted minds of some of society's biggest plagues.

All Serial Killers have Famous Serial Killers, Female Serial Killers, Victims of Serial Killers, and Pictures of Serial Killers.  From The States to Canada these Famous Serial Killers are Murderers to the extreme.  Even Female Serial Killers are hardcore killers.


Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Karla Homolka, and Ed Gein are just some of the famous serial killers you will find here.  Don't forget to check out female serial killers too.

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