Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy The Movie


Ted Bundy - Serial Killer and Rapist

Ted Bundy was finally executed in Florida after numerous murders of young women in Washington, Utah, Colorado and Florida. This suave soft spoken man seemed approachable to most women and easily lured them in with his charms. Escaping from his captors twice this man is an intelligent being. Soulless but intelligent. He also aided in the investigation into the "Green River Killer" case.

Also Ted Bundy well in jail has shared a jail cell with another serial killer named Ottis Toole.

Date of Birth: 11/24/1946
Date of Death: 01/24/1989
Age at Death: 42
Cause of Death: Execution (Electric Chair)

Ted Bundy - Serial Killer

Ted Bundy Biography

American serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy was born illegitimately, and his grandparents tried to hide the fact by pretending his mother was his sister

The young Ted was known to torture animals, was obsessed with knives, and engaged in voyeurism. Evidence suggests that Bundy began by killing a 9-year old schoolmate, who disappeared when he was 12.

The Rapist and Serial Killer, Ted Bundy went on with his Killing and Raping.  But was caught and executed.  But not fast enough.  He Killed 36 people and many more.

Ted Bundy is also Known as; Robert Bundy, Rapist, Serial Killer, Ted Buddy, and Ned Bundy.

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