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The Unabomber Biography and Unabomber Pictures

also known as; Unabomber, Theodore Kacynski, Serial Killer, Mass Murderer, Terrorist

The Unabomber Biography

Born in Chicago, Ted Kaczynski was intellectually gifted as a child and known to be extremely shy and aloof. While an infant, Kaczynski had a severe allergic reaction to medication. He was hospitalized for several weeks and allowed infrequent visits from his parents, during which they could not hold their child. The once-happy baby reportedly was never the same. According to his mother, he initially cried incessantly and would plead for her comfort. Afterwards he became increasingly withdrawn and unresponsive to human contact, developing "an institutionalized look." By all accounts Kaczynski's parents were warm and loving towards both him and younger brother David.


The Unabomber Biography


Unabomber Pictures

Friends and neighbors have said that the boy's intellectual gifts were apparent, but his social skills were severely lacking: "I would see him coming in the alley. He'd always walk by without saying hello. Just nothing," said Dr. LeRoy Weinberg, a former Kaczynski neighbor. "Ted is a brilliant boy, but he was most unsociable ... This kid didn't play. No, no. He was an old man before his time." Some experts have suggested he suffers from Asperger's syndrome, which could account for this behavior.

He skipped two grades, graduating from high school in 1958 at the age of 16. Afterwards, he earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard University in mathematics in 1962 but did not particularly distinguish himself there. After graduation, he attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, earning both a master's degree and a Ph.D. in mathematics. One of his professors at Michigan, George Piranian, said, "It is not enough to say he was smart." This comment alludes to the fact that Kaczynski, in his Ph.D. work, solved an open problem that had frustrated Piranian.

An interesting sidelight is provided in an article about a long-ignored personality profile of Adolf Hitler written by Dr. Henry A. Murray for the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) during World War II. About Murray it says: "Dr. Murray himself was a controversial figure. Having returned to Harvard after the war, he was involved in psychological experiments in 19591962 in which a stress test similar to one the O.S.S. had used to assess recruits was administered to student volunteers. Among them was the young Theodore J. Kaczynski, a precocious student at Harvard who later became known as the Unabomber. Lawyers for Mr. Kaczynski, who pleaded guilty in 1998 to letter bomb attacks that killed 3 people and wounded 28 others, traced some of his emotional instability and fear of mind control to those tests." New York Times

Kaczynski began a successful research career at Michigan, though he made few friends. Kaczynski's specialty was a branch of complex analysis known as geometric function theory. His ideas in this area were clever and effective, but they were also obscure. "I would guess that maybe 10 or 12 people in the country understood or appreciated it," said Maxwell O. Reade, a retired math professor who served on Kaczynski's dissertation committee. In 1967, Kaczynski received a $100 prize recognizing his dissertation, entitled "Boundary Functions", as the school's best in math that year.


Theodore Kaczynski


Unabomber Pics

At Michigan he held a National Science Foundation fellowship, taught undergraduates for three years, and published two articles related to his dissertation in mathematical journals. After he left Michigan, he published four more papers.

Kaczynski was hired as an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall of 1967. Kaczynski's aloofness and reserve made him a rather dull teacher and his students rated him very poorly. Against the attempt at persuasion by the department staff, Kaczynski resigned without explanation in 1969. Calvin Moore, vice chairman of the department in 1968, said that given Kaczynski's "impressive" thesis and record of publications, "he could have advanced up the ranks and been a senior member of the faculty today."

After resigning his position at Berkeley, he did not hold permanent employment. He lived in a remote shack on very little money, occasionally worked odd jobs, and received some financial support from his family. In 1978, he worked briefly with his father and brother at a foam rubber factory.

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commonly spelled; Unabomber, The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, Theodore Kacyznski, Therodore Kaczynski, Theodore Cakzynski, Theodore Kakzynski, Unabobmer, Umabomber


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