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Green River Killer


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Gary Ridgway



Serial killers always make interesting research. Their crimes, methods, and bizarre thought behaviors never cease to amaze us. Sadly, the most interesting ones often involve the cases that continue to baffle authorities.

The name of this case is derived from the Green River, a river that begins in Washington State and empties into the Puget Sound in Seattle. Nearby the river is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, built in 1942. As with any international airport, the area around it quickly grew as businesses sprouted to cater to the many travelers who crossed through its gates. One major throughway near the airport is Aurora Avenue. Just off the Pacific Coast Highway, Aurora Avenue is known casually as the Sea-Tac Strip. This hustle and bustle Strip is a haven of dingy clubs, seedy motels, and of course, many prostitutes. On any given night, hundreds of prostitutes could be seen hanging around the street corners propositioning passengers as they drove by. When a customer was found and a transaction initiated, they could simply take their tricks to one of the nearby motels or one of the many vacant buildings or empty side streets.

These empty buildings and dingy streets are not the result of an area gone into decay but rather the result of the airportís desire for expansion. The airport purchased much of the land around the airport and then terminated utilities leading to the buildings. The result? Lots of vacant abandoned buildings and empty streets that make ideal locations for the prostitutes to conduct their business. During the early 80ís this ghost town of deserted houses, businesses, and shops became the scene of one of the most baffling serial killing cases theis country has ever witnessed.

Also known as; Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, Gary Ridgeway, Green River, River Killer, and Serial Killer.

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