David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz


Known As; David Berkowitz famous serial killers, The Son of Sam, Berkowitz Son of Sam, Serial killer David Berkowitz.


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The life of David Berkowitz a serial killer, also known as The Son of Sam, has been exceedingly strange since the day of his birth.  And the strangeness continues, and undoubtedly will continue until the day he dies...

On July 29, 1976 the Son of Sam saga began.  Donna Lauria (18) and Jody Valenti (19) were sitting innocently in their car outside Lauria's Bronx apartment when Donna noticed a man peering into the window.  "Who is this guy?  What does he want?" Donna never lived to hear her questions answered.  David Berkowitz pulled his .44 caliber Charter Arms Bulldog out of a paper bag and fired 5 times into the car.  Donna died immediately.  Laurie survived the attack and was able to give the first vague description of a man that was soon to be known as the .44 caliber killer.  Police surmised that the attack was a mob attack or possibly a simple case of mistaken identity. 

On October 23, 1976 Carl Denaro (20), Rosemary Keenan had just returned from a party and were parked near Rosemary's home , talking in Carl's red Volkswagen Beatle.  David approached the car, again from the passenger's side, and fired 5 shots into the vehicle.  Rosemary died instantly, Carl survived, recovering from a bullet wound to his head.  At this point, a pattern had already begun to emerge.  David Berkowitz struck out at women, most with long, flowing hair.

One month later, on November 26, 1976, Donna DeMasi (16) and Joanne Lomino (18) had just returned home in a bus after watching a move at a local theatre.  They left the bus within a few blocks of Joanne's house and began to walk the remaining distance home.  One of them noticed a strange man following them but tried to pay him no attention.  David finally closed the gap between him and the two woman and briefly addressed them with "Do you know where...." - he quickly pulled the .44 from underneath his jacket and fired several shots at the two women.  In a strange aftermath, David emptied the remaining shots into a nearby house.  Both women survived the attack, Donna being struck by a bullet that barely missed her spine.  Joanne was not as lucky and unfortunately became a paraplegic from a bullet wound to her spine.

At this point, only a single bullet had been recovered so no link was made between the 3 incidents.  Police had theorized a relationship but quietly dismissed the idea due to varying descriptions in he assailant.

On January 30, 1977 (conflicting sources place the event on 01/29) Christine Freund (26) and John Diel were sitting in John's car (a Pontiac Firebird) after a night out at a bar.  David fired 2 shots through the front windshield of the car.  Christine died immediately.  John survived and was able to offer police a description of the attacker. 

Commonly spelled; Dave Berkowitz, David Barkowitz, David Berkowits, David Berkwitz 

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